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Refereed Journal Articles 

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Professional Reports

Smith, Gavin., Mai Thi Nguyen, Colleen Durfee, Darien Williams, Ashton Rohmer, Nora Louise Schwaller. 2018. “Resilient Design Education in the United States: Current and Emerging Curricula in Colleges and Universities.” The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Coastal Resilience Center.

In Review

Schwaller, Nora Louise, A. Rachid El-Khattabi, Mai Thi Nguyen. “Pre-Existing Migration Networks Reflect Post-Disaster Displacement: Evidence from Hurricane Maria using cellphone data.” Global Environmental Change.

Op-Eds, Blog Posts, and Engaged Scholarship

Schwaller, Nora Louise, Jordan Branham. (2019, May 21). “Disaster Exposure and Mitigation: The Impact of Major and Minor Flood Events on Population Loss.” Student Paper Competition for the Association of State Floodplain Managers Foundation Conference – First Place

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