Guiding Concepts

The subject areas and questions that guide my work:

Migration: Do disasters disrupt existing migration patterns in and out of an area, or simply accelerate them?

Recovery: Why do some households adopt in situ strategies for recovery, while others leave?

Governance: How does trust impact governance strategies during large-scale buyouts and recovery acts?

Equity: What do we need to know to make recoveries responsive to long-term inequities in the built environment?

Works in Progress

Schwaller, Nora Louise, Todd K. BenDor, Jordan Branham. Increased Movement and Decreased Discretion: Migration in relation to major disaster events and risk exposure.

Schwaller, Nora Louise, Todd K. BenDor. Not Even the Weeds Will Grow: Local official perspectives on emergent salt water intrusion.

Schwaller, Nora Louise, Mai Thi Nguyen. Finding Community When Hurricanes Hit Home: Displacement from Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Schwaller, Nora Louise, Mai Thi Nguyen. Support Migration: Patterns of travel to disaster affected areas.

Schwaller, Nora Louise, Jordan Branham, Atticus Jaramillo, Mai Thi Nguyen. Reductive History: The Flawed Application of Social Vulnerability Indices.

Schwaller, Nora Louise, Jordan Branham. Disaster Exposure and Mitigation: The Impact of major and minor flood events on population Loss.

Schwaller, Nora Louise, Mai Thi Nguyen, Leah Campbell. (Mis)trusting the Process: How complications in the buyout process can degrade public trust.

Campbell, Leah, Mai Thi Nguyen, Nora Louise Schwaller. Barriers to Effective Local Administration of Post-Hurricane Matthew Buyouts in North Carolina.