Smart Mart: A Crop Up Grocery


This project investigates the architectonic implications of addressing food deserts in New Orleans. This involves balancing increased options with educational and community based programmatic elements. This is an unbuilt project. It was a theoretical undertaking as part of a capstone studio in my undergraduate program at Tulane University. 



This body of work began with an investigation of the urban, economic, and social conditions that lead to the development of urban food deserts, with specific attention given to New Orleans, Louisiana. Focus was also given to the health issues that arise in such locations, as well as the organizations and systems that attempt to mitigate them. 

The result of this investigation was the development of a network of micro-grocery units with elements designed to support nutritional, culinary, and agricultural education. To facilitate this, the project has three forms. There is the fixed station with grocery and nutritional components; a mobile unit with higher-cost educational programs; and accommodations for temporal markets. To fully manage this, the project must address the architectonic issues of urban strategy; adaptability to and territorialization of multiple sites; the physical development of community and third places; and the manipulation of various forms of deployment.

SchwallerN-FN-Interior Large



Type: Civic
Size: 950 sq ft + 150 sq ft
Status: School Project, Fall 2012 + Spring 2013
Location: New Orleans, LA.
Received Commendation