Silicon Valley University


This project involved the conversion of an existing speculative office building into a post-secondary education facility with administrative areas, lounge spaces, computer labs and classrooms. The work for this project was split into three phases to accommodate the client’s budget and the school schedule. Phase I involved the interior demolition and build out of the ground floor and the creation of a double height space; phase II involves the interior demolition and build out of the second floor. Phase III is not yet under development, but will involve exterior work.

The greatest challenge of this project involved bringing light into the center of the building and creating a dialogue between the ground and second floors. This was accomplished through the development of a double height space and the introduction of skylights.





I came onto this project when it was 50% through Design Development of Phase I. I was instrumental in bringing this project through the end of Design Development and through Construction Documents and permitting. The project team fluctuated in size from a single person to three people, so there were times when I was the only person at work on this project. I had a limited role in Construction Administration. I have also took the lead when we were developing a pricing package for Phase II of the project, which focuses on the second floor.



Type: Tenant Improvement – Secondary Education
Size: Approx. 70,000 sqft
Location: San Jose, CA
Status: Phase I – Complete | Phase II – Design Development | Phase III – Future
Project Team: One-Four