LaSalle Street Market


To date, Tulane School of Architecture’s URBANbuild program has enjoyed success while focusing on the design and construction of homes by student groups. However, in the eighth year of the program, the focus shifted to a larger scale.

At the heart of Central City, Lasalle Street has historically been a vital commercial corridor. This project proposes to revitalize it with the establishment of a mixed-use commercial center. We focused phased construction to allow for incremental growth. This was developed so that the project will appear complete at the culmination of every stage. This provided our non-profit partner, Harmony Neighborhood Development, with the opportunity to expand the project incrementally.

Phase I allowed for a quick deployment to the site by the creation of micro-business pods. These are placed on tracks so that they can be pushed to the forefront to define the site when not in use, but dispersed along the landscaped site for market days. These are currently built and installed.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 1.43.21 PM

Phase I: currently built. Photo by other.

Phase II was the design of an anchor business, a cafe, mixed with rows of affordable housing units placed above smaller commercial spaces. These are modular so that they can be added intermittently until the entire lot is filled.

Side View w con

Phase III involves the continuation of the affordable housing and commercial space blocks, with the dispersal of the displaced micro-business pods further down the stretch, to help revitalize the entire corridor.

money shot questionmark2



I worked on the initial development of the plan of the cafe and courtyard space in a team of three. I then assisted on the development of the pods for Phase I and conceived and developed Phase III of the project.


Type: Mixed Use
Size: Approx. 9,500 sqft
Status: Phase I – Complete
Location: New Orleans, LA.
Project Team: Twenty-Three